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Risky Business

Every day, we take risks.

We eagerly cross roads without waiting for the green man’s assistance. Not ideal. We happily eat food without certified guarantee that it is not going to be to our detriment. Not encouraging. We obliviously sit at our desks tap-tapping away at our laptops, without a care in the world that our cup of tea is precariously overlooking the keys, just calling out to be knocked over. Never reassuring. We perform numerous daily duties much like these – from the mundane to the monumental – each with their own imminent dangers, and we don’t even bat an eyelid.

Although deep in our subconscious we are somewhat aware of their unpredictability, these risks simply do not overexert themselves as life threatening, so we refrain from handling them as such. When we consider risk, images of skydiving, dragon slaying, Vikings and sword swallowing come to mind – where one false move can mean death of the most dramatic kind. The dangers are obvious. But risk doesn’t need to involve danger; it need only involve uncertainty.
Picture the familiar scene. Boy loves Girl but Boy doesn’t want to admit this to Girl incase Girl says she doesn’t love Boy back. Boy is uncertain that his feelings will be reciprocated and therefore, declaring his undying love for Girl without the guarantee that Girl loves Boy back is a risk. A risk that will cost Boy his heart.

So how can Boy prevent this? Effective risk management.

Identifying risks early on in any project can save you a lot of time, effort and money. Managing and mitigating potential difficulties is necessary for survival and through effective preemptive action, the impact of project threats can be minimised and future risks can be avoided.

Generally, people just aren’t very good at managing risks and issues. We are not machines and at times, we may be ignorant, lazy, over-confident or simply forgetful, which is why we need to take time in our busy schedules to plan and implement risk responses. Significantly reducing the probability of these threats is the first step to precautionary perfection. When we value something, whatever its relevance, to lose it is a huge risk. So, without some form of insurance, we feel vulnerable and life becomes a very hostile environment.

In today’s society, risks are no longer isolated by industry or location, so it’s important to think outside the box. Not all risks are the same, which consequently suggests that treatment for each should be different. Some risks have a higher impact than others, so prioritising is paramount. Don’t focus on flitting away the little fish nipping at your toes when you’ve got enormous Great Whites to wrestle. Grab potential risks by the horns and throw them into oblivion. Investigate and analyse the nature of each threat and you will soon be blessed with invaluable insights.

Now is the time to breathe confidence into your risk management abilities and look positively to the future of project success.

See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.

2015. The year of communication.

From the Latin meaning to share, communication indicates that everybody has a role to play in successfully conveying messages. And our ancestors were right. Introducing… the Talker, the Listener, the Problem Solver, the Reasoner and the Critiser. Communication is not a one-way street. Rather, it’s a piazza where ideas and information can be gathered and shared among the many.

In today’s world, we’re always communicating. We’re always connected, always hanging out in our virtual piazzas. We post, we share, we like, we comment, we WhatsApp, we tweet, we blog, we vlog – the list goes on. Regardless of whether you choose email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, YouTube or the good ol’ fashioned letter – your message is still accessible to the millions. Yet we still struggle to always fulfill our communicative duties. We assume that we’re all on the same page but this is not often the case.

Clear and effective communication is the glue that holds everything in place, keeping the world spinning nicely. It doesn’t only convey facts; it allows people to understand the role that they are playing within a particular environment and engages them. We’re not born with the same brain; we don’t think the same thoughts, so the way that we process and manage information is different.

In the grand scale of Life, it’s good to be different but communicatively, differences cause problems. In order to ensure that all messages have been received and understood, communication channels need to be running smooth and there are a number of ways to facilitate this.

Firstly, listen to others – pay attention, they may have something profound to say. Never assume; always clarify the best way to move forward. Identify roles and own your own actions to eliminate future discrepancies. Do not be disrespectful. Would you speak to your Mother like that? Of course not. Life can get very stressful for everybody, so take a moment. Think. Process. Respond. Ignoring somebody is never an option. It’s not nice to leave them in limbo; it will only make matters worse. Rather than argue, have a discussion. Open up that can of worms. Allow whoever you’re communicating with to express their opinion. Two heads are better than one so the potential is incomprehensible!
Abide by these simple guidelines and you will gain status as Highly Effective Communicator, leaving communicative malfunctions in the abyss. Remember, there is always a reason behind an interaction, so do your best to understand what the ultimate goal is and contribute accordingly. Communication is a skill that is never perfect; there are always ways to improve so nurture it, and you will one day rule the world.

Communication is strength.

Get to the Cloud Faster with the Exchange Online Office365 Accelerator

Get to the Cloud faster with the Exchange Online Office365 Accelerator, developed as part of the exciting partnership between Paradigm PMO and LayerV.
Breaking the traditional consultancy mould, the Exchange Online Office365 Accelerator will see your organisation take a huge leap to the Cloud in just FIVE DAYS, where a traditional approach may take up to 10 weeks.

With their innovative approach to project management and end-to-end technological expertise, experienced resources from Paradigm PMO and LayerV will work with you to produce the following high-level deliverables to ensure that you are prepared for successful project delivery:

  • High-level design
  • Migration approach
  • Project initiation document
  • Management briefing packs
  • Communication plan
  • Client readiness checks
  • Training plans
  • Even license recommendations!!

The benefits of using an Accelerator product are significant: highly reduced investment costs and complexity, and increased efficiency allowing your organisation to get to market more quickly.

Find out how we can save you time, effort and unnecessary costs by calling us today on 0845 519 7620 or contact us via email

Paradigm PMO: At Your Service

There are times in this life when we need to rely on the help of others to get the job done.

Picture the scene. You’re dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant with your Significant Other. The ambience is perfect, the company is magnificent, food is exquisite, the drinks are expertly mixed, but what makes your evening extraordinary is one overarching element: the faultless service.

Attending to the needs of others is not unique to the hospitality industry; quality customer service is key in all areas of business.

So, why should Project Management be any different?

At Paradigm PMO, we assess your Project Management needs and tailor a package to suit your business size, time constraints and budget. We offer a flexible, accessible and modular approach to Project Management that will allow your business to get to market more quickly with highly reduced investment costs and increased efficiency.

Simply, we deliver Project Management as a Service.

We appreciate that in the Project World, one size does not fit all. We understand that even the smallest of businesses need an element of Project Support but may not have the capital to invest in long-term Project Management. And we strongly believe in offering a valued service that achieves results, which is why Paradigm PMO operates using a Pay-As-You-Go system, allowing you to have full control of your investment month by month and get the targeted support that you need.
There’s no trickery, wizardry or hocus-pocus behind our approach. We merely mould our services according to your business requirements, using our scalable approach to transform unmanageable and ineffective projects into structured, successful business ventures. 

We are your Project Fairy Godparents.

Paradigm PMO, your tool for success.

Now You See Me: The Importance of Visibility in Project Management

Out of sight, out of mind.

In an organisation where projects are aplenty, visibility is key to success. Without regular reviews, projects can slip under the radar and their health can deteriorate quickly, wasting time, effort and money. Ultimately, an invisible project is doomed for failure, as it won’t achieve the exposure that it needs to run efficiently and successfully.

In the real world, projects are intertwining, interweaving and as hard to manage as walking a fire-breathing dragon down the street on a lead. They require a sufficient amount of focused attention throughout their lifecycle in order to keep them on the straight and narrow, driving the project forward.

To enable project success, everybody in the team needs to be reading from the same page and engaged with the project. They need to know what is happening in real time and having proficient visibility through reporting and online tools allow them to do this. Being knowledgeable also empowers team members, giving them greater control, enabling effective decision-making and reducing exposure to risk while all the time increasing the project’s chance of success.
Yet, project information can be difficult to collate and synthesise when there are so many projects in the mix and visibility can become compromised. One way to overcome this is with discipline. Discipline with information, discipline with reporting and discipline with resources.

But there is another way. A way that frees up internal resources to do the jobs they were employed to do…

External man power.

Step forward, Paradigm PMO.

Through our tailored Project Management service, we guarantee executive visibility of project health for all projects across all levels. We are able to extract vital information from allocated internal resources, escalating any imminent risks and issues immediately to management and facilitating communication within the team. All three tiers of the project team: executive management, project managers, and team members, are granted access to the right level of information when necessary and can act accordingly with the project’s best interests in mind.

Everyone’s a winner.