Christmas Countdown

With Christmas just around the corner, we should hope that you’re well and truly prepared, bought, wrapped, delivered, decorated and eagerly waiting for the most magical day of the year…


Of course, we know this is probably not the case – unless you were blessed with superhuman levels of organisation. Juggling the husband, the kids, the Nativity play, the dog, the shopping, the wrapping, the prized turkey, the outfit, extended festive pampering sessions, work’s Christmas do, Santa’s grotto visits and having to deal with the added pressure of organising and executing the perfect Christmas dinner is never going to be an easy task.

Without the right planning, even a day filled with delicious food, tantalising tipples, thoughtful gifts, barrels of laughs and a house full of all your favourite people can be a total nightmare if you’re overloaded, overworked and overdrawn! So, avoid an end-of-year meltdown by tackling your yuletide demons head on and well in advance. Simplify the festive period by focusing on preparations, one mince pie at a time.

But, if all this talk of the Big Day leaves you desperate to get on the next plane to BahHumbugsville, just relax. Pour yourself a cheeky glass (or three) of mulled wine and think. Easy.

Once calm and collected, the next step is to make a list – the saviour of all things unorganised. Having a list allows you to prioritise, put everything into perspective and delegate jobs, so free yourself of all unrealistic goals and expectations and begin to lay your festive foundations as a family unit.

Your first Christmas conundrum is to decide on a budget and stick to it. If you’re disciplined with your dosh, you’ll immediately eradicate all suggestions of the January blues (hello happiness!). The rest falls into four manageable categories of: gifts, food, home and celebrations. As long as you approach each with thought, love and commitment, you can’t go wrong and the beautiful visual reminders of your festive successes will keep you right on track! (The glorious sense of achievement when you first turn on your outside Christmas lights is indescribable and we know you feel it too!)

Nevertheless, the most important thing to keep in mind on this wonderful journey is your sanity: make sure there’s method in your list-making madness. If you’re not acquainted with your mother’s great aunt’s brother-in-law’s sister’s cousin twice removed, should you kill yourself in locating them geographically to bestow upon them gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh? Maybe not.

So, eliminate the stress from Christmas this year with a good ol’ list and sprinkle a bit of pleasure into your preparations.

After all,

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…