Get to the Cloud Faster with the Exchange Online Office365 Accelerator

Get to the Cloud faster with the Exchange Online Office365 Accelerator, developed as part of the exciting partnership between Paradigm PMO and LayerV.
Breaking the traditional consultancy mould, the Exchange Online Office365 Accelerator will see your organisation take a huge leap to the Cloud in just FIVE DAYS, where a traditional approach may take up to 10 weeks.

With their innovative approach to project management and end-to-end technological expertise, experienced resources from Paradigm PMO and LayerV will work with you to produce the following high-level deliverables to ensure that you are prepared for successful project delivery:

  • High-level design
  • Migration approach
  • Project initiation document
  • Management briefing packs
  • Communication plan
  • Client readiness checks
  • Training plans
  • Even license recommendations!!

The benefits of using an Accelerator product are significant: highly reduced investment costs and complexity, and increased efficiency allowing your organisation to get to market more quickly.

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