Now You See Me: The Importance of Visibility in Project Management

Out of sight, out of mind.

In an organisation where projects are aplenty, visibility is key to success. Without regular reviews, projects can slip under the radar and their health can deteriorate quickly, wasting time, effort and money. Ultimately, an invisible project is doomed for failure, as it won’t achieve the exposure that it needs to run efficiently and successfully.

In the real world, projects are intertwining, interweaving and as hard to manage as walking a fire-breathing dragon down the street on a lead. They require a sufficient amount of focused attention throughout their lifecycle in order to keep them on the straight and narrow, driving the project forward.

To enable project success, everybody in the team needs to be reading from the same page and engaged with the project. They need to know what is happening in real time and having proficient visibility through reporting and online tools allow them to do this. Being knowledgeable also empowers team members, giving them greater control, enabling effective decision-making and reducing exposure to risk while all the time increasing the project’s chance of success.
Yet, project information can be difficult to collate and synthesise when there are so many projects in the mix and visibility can become compromised. One way to overcome this is with discipline. Discipline with information, discipline with reporting and discipline with resources.

But there is another way. A way that frees up internal resources to do the jobs they were employed to do…

External man power.

Step forward, Paradigm PMO.

Through our tailored Project Management service, we guarantee executive visibility of project health for all projects across all levels. We are able to extract vital information from allocated internal resources, escalating any imminent risks and issues immediately to management and facilitating communication within the team. All three tiers of the project team: executive management, project managers, and team members, are granted access to the right level of information when necessary and can act accordingly with the project’s best interests in mind.

Everyone’s a winner.