See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.

2015. The year of communication.

From the Latin meaning to share, communication indicates that everybody has a role to play in successfully conveying messages. And our ancestors were right. Introducing… the Talker, the Listener, the Problem Solver, the Reasoner and the Critiser. Communication is not a one-way street. Rather, it’s a piazza where ideas and information can be gathered and shared among the many.

In today’s world, we’re always communicating. We’re always connected, always hanging out in our virtual piazzas. We post, we share, we like, we comment, we WhatsApp, we tweet, we blog, we vlog – the list goes on. Regardless of whether you choose email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, YouTube or the good ol’ fashioned letter – your message is still accessible to the millions. Yet we still struggle to always fulfill our communicative duties. We assume that we’re all on the same page but this is not often the case.

Clear and effective communication is the glue that holds everything in place, keeping the world spinning nicely. It doesn’t only convey facts; it allows people to understand the role that they are playing within a particular environment and engages them. We’re not born with the same brain; we don’t think the same thoughts, so the way that we process and manage information is different.

In the grand scale of Life, it’s good to be different but communicatively, differences cause problems. In order to ensure that all messages have been received and understood, communication channels need to be running smooth and there are a number of ways to facilitate this.

Firstly, listen to others – pay attention, they may have something profound to say. Never assume; always clarify the best way to move forward. Identify roles and own your own actions to eliminate future discrepancies. Do not be disrespectful. Would you speak to your Mother like that? Of course not. Life can get very stressful for everybody, so take a moment. Think. Process. Respond. Ignoring somebody is never an option. It’s not nice to leave them in limbo; it will only make matters worse. Rather than argue, have a discussion. Open up that can of worms. Allow whoever you’re communicating with to express their opinion. Two heads are better than one so the potential is incomprehensible!
Abide by these simple guidelines and you will gain status as Highly Effective Communicator, leaving communicative malfunctions in the abyss. Remember, there is always a reason behind an interaction, so do your best to understand what the ultimate goal is and contribute accordingly. Communication is a skill that is never perfect; there are always ways to improve so nurture it, and you will one day rule the world.

Communication is strength.